Risk Factors

Before making an investment decision, investors should carefully consider all information available on this website, especially the risks to which Multiplan is exposed.  Multiplan’s business, financial condition and the results of its operations may be adversely and materially affected by any of these risks and, therefore, adversely impact the securities issued by the Company. The risks described below are those known to Multiplan that may materially affect the Company. Additional risks not known to Multiplan or that are irrelevant may also affect its business.

For more information about other risks, please go to section 4 of the Reference Form.

Risks related to the Company
Risks related to its controlling shareholder, direct or indirect, or control group:
Risks related to its shareholders
Risks related to its subsidiaries and affiliates
Risks related to its suppliers
Client-related risks
Risks related to the sectors of the economy in which the Company operates
Risks related to social and environmental issues